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Poster: garthus1 Date: Jan 23, 2016 9:13am
Forum: texts Subject: A Better Archive?

The way great things are built is to incorporate enhancements which usually are the result of criticism which may not be liked by those responsible for the original creation. You completely misunderstand my intent here. I have said in the past and am still telling people today, that the IA site is the best one out there, especially concerning the amount and type of content they have available. If I would have felt the way you have written, I never would have spent, by my own count (which does not include any work I did for the Archive before 2010) nearly 6,000 hours (yes I do keep track of it and no I do not take any tax deductions for any of my contributions) of my own time creating content and putting it up. The time spent alone on copyright investigation is not included also and that was not insignificant.
The INFOPORTAL will not be another IA, I do not think anyone could easily replace the IA; and that would not be our intent in any case. The problems I see should, and upon which others are commenting here, really have been addressed some time ago. Offers have been made, but no one seems to be interested in contacting any of the main providers of content unless they apparently are large education or corporate organizations. The shame here is that Brewster or anyone in the administration at the Archive does not think (heh wait a minute, we have people willing to help us without charge, may be we should at least talk with them and see if their ideas have any merit) and then if you do not like what we have said, at least give good reasons for not listening. Instead we get the approach more like, 'up yours', if you do not like it leave.
No one at the Archive will yet answer the question concerning what is wrong with having two sets of web sites; I am sure that the group of us who like the old site would keep it running as long as we can without any cost to the Archive. We would even be willing to host it on our own servers if that would be a problem. So you see what the frustration is … the appearance is that these decisions appear as if they were being made arbitrarily (I am not saying they are, only their [those in power at the Archive at the moment] non-communication makes it appear that they are). Apparently egos are so that people have invested themselves personally into the decisions which they have made and have an irrational reaction when some criticism is leveled. I assure you that this criticism is made out of a love for what has been created at the Archive and I am sorry if some people's egos get hurt along the way. The people whom I work with only know one way to work, that is professionally, truthfully, and honestly. We only know two ways to do things … good and even better. Optimization should be a hallmark of any system and I am sure people could find issues with what I do also. But the difference is that I am willing to listen to that criticism and incorporate good recommendations into my creations. 'Killing the messenger' has been going on, I am sure since humans first walked the planet. No one is saying here that you have to do it 'my way' only that people should listen and then if you do not want to accept the recommendation, at least be honorable enough to give a valid explanation explaining why you are not willing to listen. This argument has been going on for some time now … and I will not name them at this time, but there are people who have skills which would be extremely useful for the Archive as an organization and are willing to work voluntarily. It is their and all of our losses that the 'people at the top' have become so insular that they cannot even reply to a simple question “why not let a group of us take over the old (classic) site and continue its operation, at no cost to the Archive.

Take a look at this link:

My courses since 2011, I think what I am saying should have some credibility ... 74 courses in multiple and different fields.


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Poster: andrewbontrager Date: Jan 22, 2016 8:12am
Forum: texts Subject: Re: A Better Archive?

I agree with your assessment, Garthus. This site was and continues to be the absolute best place to store digital content, in my opinion. However, I'm not aware of any outreach by the administration to visually impaired people or those with slow or intermittent internet connections, in their improvement of the new IA interface. I was able to contact the head man, Brewster, asking for the privelege of blocking the audio fingerprint and spectrogram derivations of my audio files, because I am the administrator of my item. He didn't give me a rational explanation why they couldn't give that option, or why I couldn't pay to have someone write the code for the option to be added to the /editxml table. He just gave me some bang bang about letting people explore audio files in new ways.
It is terribly frustrating. I replied to their last plea for money like this:
For this year, not unless you keep the classic site (including uploading) permanently available, and also give item administrators full derive management..

That still goes, too.
Conclusion: Listen and give good answers, please.

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Poster: garthus1 Date: Jan 23, 2016 9:12am
Forum: texts Subject: Re: A Better Archive?

The solution is excruciatingly simple, we have already addressed this issue in our INFOPORTAL. We spend the effort to even shave a tenth of a second from the opening of our pages.It does not require hard work, only consideration of the difficulties others may have visiting your site. We began with the proposition that our users would be exactly the types which you are referring to. This is really money or resources well spent since an increasing number of our internet population accesses the web over WiFi connections which may not be the fastest or most stable connections. Our brokerage business ran into similar problems because most of our users have to access the Internet over sub-par connections. We had no problem doing this so I do not see what the problem with the Archive people doing the same thing. Or at least let a group of us run a second web access which is geared towards the groups which you and I are concerned about. Still no answer. My complaint is less with the inaction, which I have learned to find endemic in almost all large organizations, but more so with the refusal to give reasons why they refuse to listen.


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Poster: PDpolice Date: Jan 22, 2016 1:52pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: A Better Archive??

Your experience with the head actually reinforces a thought I keep having.

If anyone can give an explanation for the changes occurring here I think it would be interesting. Anything at all.

Is this new format driven by a rouge machine ? Possibly a virus is changing things and the staff is afraid to tell us.

Is there a wonderful hidden improvement about to be unveiled and astound the world?

Has a powerful rival group taken the Archive owners most precious object and will not return it until the Archive ceases to function.

Did a portal to universe-47 form near the Archive and somewhere a group of users wonder why their improvement changes never compile.

Please take a shot at answering why this is happening, as it seems no one from the site can answer.

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Poster: micah6vs8 Date: Jan 23, 2016 7:53am
Forum: texts Subject: Re: A Better Archive?

Gerry, Jeff has already stated that he is no longer going to respond to these posts. And in a way who can blame him if he has little power, but has to take all the BS. Brewster Kahle is the person to whom all queries and concerns ought be addressed to. This change feels like a top down directive, with little or no user based support.

IA's decision has been made and is being implemented. All we can do is come up with a workaround to maintain some semblance of the classic site, accept this poor "upgrade" or move on.

For the first time in several years I did not contribute during the Holidays to IA, and I will no longer unless some accommodation can be found. I am frankly looking for another happy home once I can no longer use the classic version here, though I hope that day never comes. S.

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Poster: garthus1 Date: Jan 23, 2016 9:50am
Forum: texts Subject: Re: A Better Archive?


I understand about having responsibility but no power, this situation is so typical in large and government organizations.

All I can say, is welcome to the new world of technology where I can administrate hundreds of networks when it used to take hundreds of administrators to do this job less than ten years ago. In the minds of too many of us, they Archive was supposed to have been different ... and was when it first started. We have the technology to make things better and instead, how they look is increasingly becoming more important than how they work in a society where thinking is becoming less common and irrationality and selfishness is becoming the rule.
Why will he not respond if that is the case ... another hallmark of our record (the deepest snowfall in the last 10 years, as if that really mattered) infatuated me society where my ideas are the best and screw everyone else. Young children learn by asking questions ... what our culture has become is a world where if a child asks the 'wrong' questions, they are criticized or worst. Yes, they want us to think that we are one happy family, but only if you think and live your life the way those in power (i.e, government and the corporate world, both for profit and nonprofit) think you should.
Brewster should think about this when he delivers his next tome to the news media and the academics concerning freedom of information and speech ... that freedom goes in both directions especially when one has the power, that is when it is most easily abused. They do have the responsibility to respond concerning why they refuse to allow others to maintain a classic site at no cost to the Archive, otherwise words that are spewed in support of freedom are mere verbiage meant to sooth their own increasingly irrelevant egos. In the free-market of ideas, which our corrupt corporate/governmental system has still not found a way to completely control, new ideas will push aside others if those other refuse to get better ... note I did not say 'look' better. Looks are transitory at best; quality and functionality trump looks every time in the long run ... and the long-run is being decreased in duration by technology as every second passes.


PS. Here is my contact information, Brewster can contact me any time as I have tried and still am trying to contact him.

Gerard Arthus
409 Lowell Avenue East
Mishawaka, Indiana
Cell - 631-335-5250
Home - 574-217-8726

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Poster: PDpolice Date: Jan 23, 2016 1:04pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: A Better Archive?

I have been prepared to jump since I learned that the statistics on the number of unhappy beta users was being hidden. I provide this site with content and user activity which they brag about but cannot get any strait answers to simple questions on the format. This archive was a good idea but my local library does not tell the authors to shut up and only print book that are 6" by 9".
When you find a suitable alternative site please post it. My shoes have springs and my knees are bent.
And I pity the poor admins who are stuck between us and the big brains in their flying hover-boards.

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Poster: yoyolol Date: Feb 22, 2016 8:29pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: A Better Archive?

Hello there, I was directed here with my request on how to make this place better. This weekend, we lost yet another great feature. Millions of programs are now no longer view able on the Internet Archive including breaking news segmants, developing stories, and news break ins. When the internet TV archive was made, its mission was to let anyone see how news and televesion has evolved over time and now a bunch of chunks are missing. The below links are just a VERY SMALL events and recordings that have been locked up and in no way can be accessed now due to this:;;end=60;;end=60;;end=60;;end=60;;end=60;;end=60;;end=6360

The thread about this issue can be found here: however no solution is being made at all and they are simply brushing it off. It is unfair to journalists and users such as myself to block these very important programs off from viewing.

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Poster: Claverhouse Date: Feb 27, 2016 5:18am
Forum: texts Subject: Re: A Better Archive?

The Soviet Flat Slab Style is taking over the internet and making all sites indistinguishable.

Owners are leaping to this dreck because it's fashionable and designers --- who now only have to do one design for all the sites on the web --- tell them it is 'clean', 'weak' and minimalistic. So much so function is lost and the sites become inefficient.

Owners are simple-minded and think these things are virtues.